Fence Rental Service Available in Berwyn Illinois

The experienced team at Pro-Rent-A-Fence are the pros you can count on when you need temporary fencing erected for an event or job site in the Berwyn area. We’re the number one temporary fencing service in the vicinity! Our local and professional staff will show you through all the setup and take down services we provide to our customers. When you choose Pro-Rent-A-Fence you’ll be choosing:

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Temporary Fence Styles

When choosing the proper fence type for your project’s needs, you’ll need to know the functionality of the fence. We all know that renting a fence is a great, low cost solution for projects or events that aren’t prolonged. Renting a fence will save you time and costs on the added expenses of erectring a permanent fence. Also bear in mind that Berwyn Illinois may have city ordinances that limit you on what type of fence you will need or permits that are required. With all things considered, a temporary fence is much more advantageous than a real fence in these circumstances. When it comes to choosing which fence will be the best fence option, there are specialized advantages that each different fence offers:

Barricade Fencing:  Barricade fencing is commonly used for crowd management. If you work for a municipality or are planning an event for your business or town, barricade fencing is a great choice. It’s simple to set up, take down and stack to make sure that you are protecting everyone in attendance your event.

Chain Link Fence:  Chain link fences are great and will provide extra security. They can be set up and taken down promptly and with little hassle. Temporary chain-link fences can be secured in place with sandbags which will provide more safety for everyone.  When it comes to protecting a work site from peeking passerby, incorporating a privacy screen is also a great option. 

Orange/ Tree Fence: If your goal is to block off a construction site or a site that needs to warn others, a construction orange fence is the best choice. These temporary fence systems can be a little more expensive than chain link fences when you don’t need a privacy screen. Orange Fences are also perfect for concerts and festivals that are outdoors in order to keep attendees within a specific spot.

Post Driven Fence:  Post driven fences are temporary fences that will provide more stability. The name says it all, these fence posts are driven into the ground and work with gates and extra features that make it simple for others to use. If you’re interested in renting a stable and secure fence, Post Driven Fences are a great option for your project.

Why You Should Rent A Fence

A temporary fence is the ideal solution for an event and managing crowds or if you have a construction site you need barricaded off! There are many types of temporary fencing you can select from in Berwyn. When it comes to selecting the best temporary fencing solution for your project, you’ll need to know what the fencing’s purpose is for. Not only is large array of types of temporary fencing available, but there are also other additional products you can opt for to keep your site and your fence secure. All the more reason to choose the experts at Pro Rent a Fence because we are your number one choice for temporary fencing in northern Illinois. We have been serving our clients with superior temporary fence services for over 7 years.

Temporary Fence Add-Ons

Once you’ve determined which is the best fence option for your project, you can select additional add-ons to your fence that will give you and your team better mobility, added protection, and site safety.

Gates: Gates can be installed on the fence fairly simply. By giving your team members a gate to walk in and out of, it will allow them to enter and exit their work sites with less hassle. Moving truck loads of materials in and out will be less difficult.

Privacy Screens: If you want to protect your job site from nosey eyes, or need a way to stop wind from gusting through your site, then a privacy guard/windscreen is a great add-on to opt for. We all know Big Bend can get windy, that’s why you should think about adding a windscreen to protect your site with a wind guard and privacy screen.

Tension Wire: Adding tension wire to a temporary fence will give it more structure, protection and make it more difficult for others to break into a site that is being barricaded off. Tension wire will also reinforce the fence.

Sand Bags: If you are looking for a way to avoid heavy winds from blowing your temporary fence away, or falling on people as they stroll by, sandbags are highly recommended. Pro Rent A Fence has sandbags that you can utilize to hold your chain link or post driven fence in place.

Fence Rental Options Available Throughout the Berwyn area

Whether its purpose is for managing large crowds, protecting a job site, or you just a need a viable solution to prevent people from trespassing, fence rental is a great choice. Pro Rent A Fence is the best fence rental business in Wisconsin and will provide the high level of service you’ll need to ensure that your temporary fence is installed promptly and properly. We will also uninstall the materials after your project or event is finished. Pro Rent A Fence has been serving Berwyn for more than 7 years and we’ll give you the best type of fences and the extra add-ons that will be perfect for your project.

Post Driven Fence Rental Berwyn:

Post Driven fences are perfect for temporary fencing.  Post driven fences are commonly used for construction projects and long term events. You’ll want this type of fence because of its durability and dependability.  Post Driven fences also provide additional protection because they are a reliable fence that will withstand the elements over time so you can finish your project.

Panel Fence Rental Berwyn Illinois:

Panel Fencing is a popular choice in rental fencing. Large panels that are generally made of chain link are used to connect to each other. It’s a durable choice to secure your entire site or during your event. By adding sand bags to these panels and posts, it will help prevent them from falling over or moving with the T-base that is installed at its base and it won’t damage the ground.

Silt Fence Rental Berwyn:

Floods and construction sites are everywhere. Silt fencing helps keep the soft ground from eroding away or damaging the immediate areas with silt and debris. When bare ground is exposed during construction or other activities, soil can break down and erode, especially when during rain. This erosion can adversely impact piped drainage systems that are being built or dug up. Silt fencing serves as a temporary sediment barrier. It’s staked in place in between the disturbed ground and the normal ground. Silt fencing will protect lakes, streams, storm drainage systems, rivers, and other environmental sources from silt sediment and construction debris.

Orange Fence Rental Service Berwyn Illinois:

The bright orange color is hard to miss and that’s done for a reason. Orange fencing at construction sites is used as a visual to convey the message that this area is a “keep out” zone, similar to those familiar highway orange barrels or orange cones you see behind a utility vehicle. Perforated, flexible, waist-high orange fencing defines a perimeter and alerts people to a potential hazard, that the area beyond a temporary barricade is not to be entered by anyone other than authorized personnel. It’s the bright color that sends the message, not its height, its strength or the permanence of the temporary barrier.

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