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Temporary Panel Fence Rental Service Near Wheaton

Panel fencing is the most common type of fence rental.  These are large panels that are chain link, which can be used to connect to each other.  When panel fences are connected together they combine in order to make a secure and sturdy fence option which will protect whatever site you are working on or using. Panel fencing is often weighed down with sand bags in order to protect those that are walking by it from falling or moving.  You can also add privacy and windscreens in a variety of colors from Pro Rent a Fence

Panel fences are pre-made sections of chain link fences that are in a square frame. They are easy to install on a T base and have little impact on the ground. Panel fences offer the durability and most of the same options as chain link fences, without the holes required to set the supports. Often panel fences have their stands weighed down with sandbags. Panel fences are good for job sites and big events where people could be able to enter without permission. They are also useful for long-term projects, such as a building renovation. Whatever the reason for your fence needs, we are available for same day fence rental in Wheaton.

Panel fencing is easy to move and quick to set up, rely on the professionals at Pro Rent a fence to install and ensure your panel fence is safe!


Post Driven Fence Rental from Pro Rent-A-Fence is available in both 6′ and 8′ high installations. These particular chain link fences are designed with longevity and security in mind.  Our services are available for any local municipalities and contractors alike. For a FREE Quote for temporary fencing in Wheaton Illinois call us today at: 



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