Temporary Fence Rental Service Available in Elk Grove Village IL

The experts at Pro-Rent-A-Fence are the professions you can depend on if you need temporary fencing for your next event or job site. With our years of experience, skills and equipment, you can be assured that we can be counted on to meet your project’s needs in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and surrounding areas. We’re one of the most trusted temporary fencing service providers in Northern Illinois. In fact, we’re so confident we’ll exceed your expectations that we guarantee our work. You’ll have a great experience when you choose us for your temporary fence project regardless of what the project is. Call our local staff and we’ll discuss the whole rental process with you. From that point, leave it to us! We’ll do the heavy lifting with the setup and takedown so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

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    Temporary Fence Styles Available in Elk Grove Village, IL

    Before we get the ball rolling, let’s start with a phone so we can determine what purpose of the fence is for. In any temporary instance that needs fencing, renting a fence is nearly always the better choice for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s cheaper. The materials are already manufactured which saves money. It also takes much less time to set up. While there could be the possibility that Elk Grove Village has city ordinances on what type of fence you will need or permits that are necessary for your project, don’t let that change your decision. We can help you sort through your city’s requirements. As you’re determining which temporary fence will meet your project’s needs, here are notable advantages to each of the different options:

    Barricade Fencing:  Barricade fencing is often used for crowd control. Barricade fencing is a great option if you work for a municipality or are planning an event for your business or town because it’s a quick to set up, a quick to take down and it stacks. The entire process is very efficient.

    Chain Link Fence:  Chain link fences are quick to set up and take down, but also have the additional benefit of security. That’s because temporary chain-link fences can be held in place using sandbags which will help provide even more security and stability to the fence. If your project requires privacy, you can also add on privacy screens.

    Orange/ Tree Fence: This fencing type is often utilized at construction sites. A construction orange fence warns people walking about about a potential hazard, thus enhancing safety. Orange fencing is usually less expensive than chain link fences, provided that a privacy screen isn’t needed. Orange fences are also commonly seen at outdoor festivals and events because they keep people within a specific perimeter.

    Post Driven Fence:  Post driven fences are durable and provide your event or site more stability. They accommodate many add ons such as gates and others. With this system, fence posts are driven into the ground. They can to take a bit more time to put together because the posts need to be installed, but don’t let that affect your decision if you feel it will work best for your project. Our professionals will get the job done quickly! If your project requires a stabler, more secure fence system, a Post Driven Fence is a great solution for the job.

    Temporary Fence Add-Ons

    After you’ve discussed your options with our staff and made a decision for your site or project, you can customize it to meet your project’s needs even further by including add-ons. Add-ons can give your team more mobility. Add ons can also give your job site or event more security and site protection.

    Gates: Gates are simply attached to many temporary fences. This add on will allow your team more mobility. The convenience of a gate to walk through can make the transportation of materials significantly more efficient!

    Privacy Screens: Privacy guards/windscreens can help provide security and safety. They’ll protect your job site from unauthorized guests and they’ll also help stop damaging wind guests from blowing through your site. Heavy wind gusts are typical in the midwest and wind damage from a bad storm can leave its mark in Elk Grove Village. By opting for one of these screens, you can help avoid wind damage and increase the safety of the work site.

    Tension Wire: Adding tension wire to your temporary fence will help improve security and prevent unauthorized peopled from gaining access. It secures the bottom and top of your fence to make sure the links remain tight to the posts. Tension wire increases stability and durability making your temporary fence tougher overall.

    Sand Bags: Sand bags will help keep your temporary fence secure in place and help prevent it from blowing over or falling on people. Pro Rent A Fence has plenty sandbags in stock for your chain link or post driven fence.

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