Temporary Fence Rental Service Available in Franklin Park

The Pro-Rent-A-Fence staff consists of experts you can rely on when it comes to setting up temporary fencing for an event or job site in Franklin Park Illinois and the surrounding Northwest Suburbs. We are one of the most trusted temporary fencing service providers in Northern Illinois! Our local and professionally trained staff walk you through the rental process. We then take care of all the setup and takedown. 

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    Temporary Fence Styles Available in Franklin Park

    Choosing the right fence for your needs will depend on the what you need it for. We all know that renting a fence is a better option for projects or events that are temporary.  Renting a fence saves time and money because instead of constructing a fence out of expensive permanent materials, you are renting an already made fence. Something else to keep in mind is that Franklin Park might have city ordinances on what type of fence you will need or permits that are required. Therefore a temporary fence is often a better solution for your needs than a real fence in the right circumstances. When it comes to choosing the best fence, there are certain advantages to the different options you have:

    Barricade Fencing:  Barricade fencing is mostly used for crowd control. If you work for a municipality or planning an event for your business or town, then barricade fencing is your best bet. These are relatively simple to set up, take down and stack making sure that you are protecting everyone attending your event.

    Chain Link Fence:  Chain link fences are a great option that will provide security and are also easily set up and taken down. Temporary chain-link fences can be held in place with sandbags in order to provide more security for others.  When it comes to protecting a worksite from a peeking passer-by, a privacy screen is a great option. 

    Orange/ Tree Fence: If you are looking to protect a construction site or a site that needs to warn people, a construction orange fence is the best choice. These temporary fence options are a little cheaper than chain link fences in the circumstances where you don’t need a privacy screen. Orange Fences are also great for outdoor festivals in order to keep people inside a specific area.

    Post Driven Fence:  Post driven fences are temporary fences that provide your site a little bit more stability. These fence posts are actually driven into the ground and work with gates and more additional options that can make it easy for you to use. If you are looking for a stable and secure fence you can rent, Post Driven Fences are for you.

    Temporary Fence Add-Ons

    After you determine the best fence you need, you can choose additional add-ons to your fence that will provide you and your crew easier mobility, added security, and site protection.

    Gates: Gates are attached to the fence with ease. Giving your crew a gate to walk in and out of will provide them easier access to their worksites and make it easier to get materials in and out of when it comes to truck loads.

    Privacy Screens: If you are looking for a way to protect your job site from prying eyes, or need a way to prevent wind from blowing through your site, then a privacy guard/windscreen is your best option. We all know Big Bend can get windy, that is why you should invest in a windscreen to protect your site with a wind guard and privacy screen.

    Tension Wire: Tension wire can be added to a temporary fence so that you will get better security and make it harder for others to break into a site that is being protected. Tension wire also provides you better stability for your fence as well.

    Sand Bags: If you are looking for a way to protect your temporary fence from blowing over, or falling on people when they are walking by, you’ll want some sand bags. Pro Rent A Fence has sandbags that you can add on to your chain link or post driven fence.

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