Temporary Fence Rental Service Available in Wheaton IL

If you need temporary fencing for your next event or job site, you can depend the professionals at Pro-Rent-A-Fence. Our competent crew of skilled professionals have years of experience and the equipment needed, so you can be certain that we’ll meet your project’s needs in Wheaton, Illinois and the surrounding areas. We’re one of the most trusted temporary fencing service providers in Northern Illinois. We’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with our efficiency and quality of work so much so that we guarantee it. Regardless of what the project is, we’ll ensure you have a great experience. Our local staff is ready to go over the whole rental process so you fully understand what will be involved from start to finish. At that point, we’ll take care of all the setup and takedown. You sit back and leave it to us. You don’t need to worry about a thing!

    Call us at Pro-Rent-A-Fence today and we’ll give you a FREE QUOTE for your temporary fencing project! Our local staff is near your area and we’re here to help you determine what your project’s fencing needs are in Wheaton. Call the number below and we’ll go over the large number of fencing choices we can offer you for your temporary fencing project! We’re certain to have the best match for your needs. See what some of our happy customers have to say in our Google Reviews!



    Temporary Fence Styles Available in Wheaton, IL

    The process begins with a phone call. We’ll need to determine what purpose of the fence is for. In many scenarios where temporary fencing is needed, renting a fence is almost always the better option for several reasons. Right off the bat, it’s more affordable. The materials are already manufactured which are cheaper. In addition, a temporary fence takes much less time to set up. There’s the possibility that Wheaton has city ordinances on what type of fence you’ll need or which permits are required, but don’t let that affect your decision. We can help you sort through your city’s requirements. Below are some temporary fence options to help you determine will be the best option for your project, because there are certain advantages to each of the different systems:

    Barricade Fencing:  Barricade fencing often used for crowd control. It’s ideal if you work for a municipality or are planning an event for your business or town. It’s heavy duty, portable making it quick to set up, quick to take down and it stacks. The whole process very efficient from start to finish.

    Chain Link Fence:  Chain link fences are also simple to set up and take down. Temporary chain-link fences can be anchored using sandbags giving it more security and stability. If privacy needs are required, you can opt for add on privacy screens.

    Orange/ Tree Fence: This fencing system is often seen at construction sites. A construction orange fence gives people near the area caution as they walk by. This awareness enhances safety. Orange fencing is typically less costly than chain link fences, as long as a privacy screen isn’t needed. Orange fences are also popular at outdoor festivals, concerts and events. They’re a great solution for controlling crowds because they keep attendees within a specific area.

    Post Driven Fence:  Post driven fences give your event or site more stability. Fence posts are driven into the ground with this system giving it a firm foundation without the use of concrete. They accommodate add ons such as gates. While they can to take a longer time to install because the posts need to be installed, rest assured our crew of professionals is very efficient and won’t waste any time getting it set up quickly! If you are looking for a stable and secure fence system to rent, a Post Driven Fence could be ideal for your project.

    Temporary Fence Add-Ons

    After a discussion with our staff, it’s been decided which type of fence solution will work the best for your site or project. Next, you can enhance its function even further with some customization by including add-ons. These add-ons can give you easier site access and give your job site or event more security, and site protection.

    Gates: Gates can be easily included to most temporary fences options. The convenience of having a gate to walk in and out of will provide your crew with more mobility making the movement of materials significantly more efficient!

    Privacy Screens: Privacy guards/windscreens can help protect your job site from people walking around. They’ll also help prevent gusty winds from blowing through your site. Harsh weather is quite common in the midwest and winds can wreak havoc in Wheaton. By having screens, you can help stop wind damage and improve the safety of the work site.

    Tension Wire: Adding tension wire to your temporary fence to help improve security and stop unwanted people from accessing your site. Tension wire increases stability and durability which can be helpful.

    Sand Bags: Adding sand bags to your temporary fence will help stabilize it. This can prevent it from blowing over or falling on pedestrians. Pro Rent A Fence has an inventory of sandbags on hand that you can add on to your chain link or post driven fence.

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