Fence Rental Franklin

Fence Rental Franklin

There is a saying; good fences make good neighbors. This doesn’t mean that keeping your neighbors away makes them good, but that knowing where the boundaries are means there will be no arguments. The saying stays tried and true today as well. Knowing what areas are off limits, or are designated for specific use helps keep order. Making sure that people stay out of a construction zone, that kids don’t accidentally leave a kids zone where they are free to run around in, or that visitors don’t walk into an area that is meant for volunteers or employees. That is just one aspect, though, of picking out temporary fencing, the type and options are another big deal that can be hard to choose.

Temporary Fencing Rental Franklin

There are two different types of temporary fencing, one that is designed to be there for a few days or weeks, to temporary fencing that is meant to be there for months, and sometimes years. Short term temporary fencings are barricades and panel fences. Barricades are often seen for crowds to let people know what the boundaries are for different areas while allowing them unobstructed viewing of the other side. Often used for races so that groups don’t move onto the track or music events so that people don’t wander into areas that have special equipment or need to be free of obstruction. Panel fences are similar to Chain Link Fences in that they have a grid of wires that criss-cross. These fences are often outfitted with dust or wind barriers to help keep the area inside, or out, free of dust and help protect areas, like cooking, from high winds that could cause problems. Panel Fences are often used for areas that are expected to be cordoned off for a few days to up to a couple of months. Anything longer than that you should look at Chain Link Fences.

Chain Link Fence Rental Franklin

Chain Link fences are often used around construction sites or areas that need to be secured. Unlike Panel Fences, Chain Link Fences have posts that are driven up to a foot or more into the ground that gives it the security to prevent the fence from being pushed over. Added security can be done with additional reinforcement, privacy screens, and barbed wire. Gates are often added to these fences allowing easy access to the area for people and vehicles alike. Often secured with a padlock or other types of locks.

Silt Fence Rental Franklin

When it comes to construction, one thing everyone knows is that dust gets everywhere. Silt fences can help reduce the dust that gets blown around too the neighbor’s properties and can help keep some critters out as well. Silt Fencing is a fiber mesh that connects to wooden posts that are driven into the ground. Besides construction, silt fences are also used in conservation to keep dirt in from erosion or other forces. Silt fences also make for good temporary boundary fences like orange fencing but have less durability. Be sure to let us know what you want to keep in, or out when you call us.

Orange Fence Franklin

One type that often has a dual short and long-term role is Orange Fencing or plastic fences. This brightly colored fence is used for very short-term construction projects because of the ease of setting up and taking down. Wooden posts are driven into the ground around 4-6 inches, and the fence is hooked on them. When used in the long-term role it is often referred to as snow fencing. This is typically used on Ski slopes, and other winter activity areas as the bright color of the fence stand out on the white snow. Orange Fences are also used in conjunction with the other types to allow people a quick and easy entrance to an area that can be opened and closed as needed without setting up a large gate. In addition to Orange fencing, silt fences are often used in similar ways. Silt fences use a cloth that is lightweight, but strong. This helps to catch dirt and dust to contain the material. It is also used along waterways and other areas to prevent debris from getting in like garbage or grass and sticks during times of potential flooding.

Fence Rental Company Franklin

Whatever the type of fencing you need, Pro Rent-a-Fence is there for you. Our skilled employees can help not only install your fence but help you pick out the type of fencing you need and options that would help you. Originally serving the Chicagoland area, we have grown to service three states. We achieved this by striving for excellence in customer service. Making sure that you’re happy with your experience working with us. So give us a call today and find out how easy it can be to get a temporary fence from Pro Rent-a-Fence!

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