Temporary Fence Arlington Heights

Why You Should Rent A Fence

Whether you are working at a construction site, or if you need a festival fence to protect the crowds at an event, a temporary fence is your best option to protect your business. There are several different types of temporary fencing you can choose from in Arlington Heights, Illinois. When it comes to choosing the best temporary fencing for your business, you should decide the best use of your fence.  Not only are there different styles of temporary fencing there are also many additional products you can add to protect your site and your fence as well. Pro Rent a Fence is your number one option for temporary fencing in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Our business has experience providing temporary fencing and additional items to businesses, festivals, and construction sites for over 7 years.


Temporary Fence Styles

Choosing the right type of temporary fence for your needs depends on the functionality of the fence you need.  We all know that renting a fence is a better option for projects or events that are brief.  However, renting a fence can be cheaper than constructing a fence out of more permanent materials.  Furthermore, Arlington Heights might have city ordinances on what type of fence you will need or permits that are required.  Therefore, in the end, a temporary fence solution is better for your needs than a real fence in the right circumstances.  When it comes to choosing the best fence, there are certain advantages to consider the different options you have:

Chain Link Fence:  Chain link fences are a great option that will provide you security and can be erected and taken down easily and quickly.  Temporary chain-link fences are usually held in place with sandbags and weights in order to provide more security for others.  When it comes to protecting a work site, especially a private work site in Arlington Heights, a chain link fence with a privacy screen is your best option.

Orange/ Tree Fence: If you are looking to protect a construction site or a site that needs to warn people, a construction orange fence is your best bet.  These temporary fence options are a little cheaper than chain link fences and can save you a little money when you don’t need privacy screen. Orange Fences are also great for outdoor festivals in order to keep people inside a specific area.

Post Driven Fence:  Post driven fences are temporary fences that provide your site a little bit more stability.  These fence posts are actually driven into the ground and work with gates and more additional options that can make it easy for you to use.  If you are looking for a stable and secure fence you can rent, Post Driven Fences are your best bet.

Barricade Fencing:  Barricade fencing is mostly used for croud control.  If you work for a municipality or are an event planning business, then barricade fencing is your best bet.  These are easy to set, up, take down, and stack making sure that you are protecting everyone attending your event.


Temporary Fence Add-Ons

After you determine the best fence you need, you can choose additional add-ons to your fence that will provide you and your crew easier mobility, added security, and site protection.

Sand Bags: If you are looking for a way to protect your temporary fence from blowing over, or falling on people when they are walking by, sandbags are your best options.  Pro Rent A Fence has sandbags that you can add on to your chain link or post driven fence.

Privacy Screens: If you are looking for a way to protect your job site from prying eyes, or need a way to prevent wind from blowing through your site, then a privacy guard/windscreen is your best option.  We all know Arlington Heights can get windy, that is why you should invest in a windscreen to protect your site with a wind guard and privacy screen.

Gates:  Gates can be attached to a temporary fence with little to no problems at all.  Giving your crew a gate to walk in and out of will give them easier access to their work sites and make it easier on getting materials in and out of.

Tension Wire:  Tension wire is added to a temporary fence so that you will get better security and make it harder for others to break into a site that is being protected.  Tension wire also provides you better stability for your fence as well.  


Fence Rentals Arlington Heights

Whether you are looking for crowd control, protecting a construction site, or just a need a quick way to keep people away, fence renting is your best option.  Pro Rent A Fence is the best fence rental business in Illinois and Wisconsin and can provide you the level of service you need in order to make sure your temporary fence is constructed quickly and efficiently.  We are also responsible for removing everything after you project or event is complete.  Pro Rent A Fence has been serving Arlington Heights for over 7 years and can give you the best type of fences you need and the additional options you require.


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