Additional Fencing Options Burlington, Wisconsin

Pro-Rent-A-Fence offers many different additional fencing options with it comes to temporary fencing. These options add a better source of security, privacy and protection of your area or event.

Barracade Fencing

Barracades are typically used for events that attract large crowds or areas that are designated for where to go or not to go. This type of fencing offers higher durability than using orange fencing for crowd control.

By using barricade fencing you can help ensure the safety of all those attending by stopping things getting out of control. People will know which areas they have access to and prevent them from entering areas that could possibly cause harm. You want to make sure that people stay in the areas that thave already been equipped for their safety.

Privacy Screen/Wind Guard

Wisconsin weather is very unpredictable and can quickly turn, most of the time for the worse. A windscreen is good for shielding a site from the worest of the wind, but its good for a lot more.

On a construction job, wind can pose a big problem. A bit of screening can create a better working enviornment, protect sensitive materials and equipment, and help workers continue to work, even when conditions are less than ideal. Those are all importion considerations. In conjunction with a temporary fence used for security purposes, the additon of windscreen can create a but of negative pressure to reduce wind pressure at ground level. It won’t turn an extremely blustery day into a calm one, but on some of those days in Burlington every little bit counts.

But, windscreen isnt only to keep the lake winds at bay.

Privacy may be important to protect a “big splash” open or event. A new storefront tenant or gallery might want to shield a space from overseeing eyes. This helps create interest and build suspense of the event or gathering.

Sand Bags

Sometimes overlooked, sandbags provide a critical service in stabilizing temporary fencing. Without sandbags on the bases of panel fencing- – especially when applying windscreens – sections of fencing may be susceptible to tipping in strong gusts of wind. In high-wind applications we recomment doubling up the sandbags on bases of fence sections in strong wind areas.

Tension Wire

Tension wire will actually strengthen the panels and chain links of your temporary fencing. Having tension wire installed on your fencing allows you to be protected with liabilities of illegal entry.

As the leading temporary fencing rental companies in Burlington, we have built our reputation on meeting the construction-related needs of our clients.

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