Panel Fencing is one of the most common in rental fencing. Large panels generally made of chain link, are used to connect one another thus making a sturdy option to protect your entire site that is being worked on or being used for any event. 

These panels and posts can be held down from falling over or moving with the addition of sand bags with the T-base that is installed on the base, causing little to no damage to the ground. 

For additional privacy and wind protection, Pro-Rent-A-Fence offer privacy panels and windscreens in a wide variety of colors. 

Panel fences offer the durability and most of the same options as general chain link fences, without the holes in the ground. Panel fences are great additions to job sites and big events where you need to control who enters without permission. They are also very useful for long-term projects, such as a building renovation. 


Panel fencing is easy to move and quick to set up, rely on professionals at Pro-Rent-A- Fence to install and ensure your panel is safe!

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