Silt Fencing Burlington, Wisconsin

Floods and construction sites are everywhere we look. In order to keep the soft ground from being swept away or damaging the areas around with silt and depris. The use of silt fencing can help with this issue. 

When bare ground is exposed during construction or other activities, the soil is prone to erosion when it rains. The erosion can have severe impacts on during piped drainage systems that are being build or dug up. Silt fencing is a temporary sediment barrier. Its staked in place between the disturbed ground and the normal ground. Silt fencing protects streams, rivers, lakes, storm drainage systems, and other enviornmental sources from silt sediment and construction debris.

Pro Rent A Fence offers premium silt fencing options for any construction project in Big Bend and surrounding areas. Call today for more information on how to get started.

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